Article 12

12.1.1 Significant adverse effect

Article 12 of the UN Watercourses Convention is the first in a series of articles on planned measures which may have a significant adverse effect upon other watercourse states. The threshold which triggers the procedural framework provided for in Articles 12 to 19 (see Figure 3.1) – the possibility of having a ‘significant adverse effect’ upon other watercourse states – is lower than that of ‘significant harm’ laid out in Article 7. The reason for setting a lower standard than the one of ‘significant harm’ is to avoid the situation where a notifying watercourse state would automatically be put in the position of admitting that a planned measure may cause significant harm to its co-riparians.
Figure 3.1 - Planned Measures (Source Authors) Figure 3.1 Planned Measures (Source Authors)

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