Article 20

Protection and Preservation of Ecosystems

Convention Text

Watercourse states shall, individually and, where appropriate, jointly, protect and preserve the ecosystems of international watercourses.

What is an ‘ecosystem’?

An ecosystem is…

- ‘…a dynamic complex of plant, animal, and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit’ (Article 2, UN Convention on Biological Diversity (adopted 5 June 1992, entered into force 29 December 1992) (1992) 31 International Legal Materials 822)

- ‘a system of plants, animals and micro-organisms together with the non-living components of the environment’ (Experts Group on Environmental Law, Legal Principles and recommendations (WCED 1987))

A water-related ecosystem is…

- ‘ an ecosystem such as a forest, wetlands, grasslands and agricultural land that plays a vital role in the hydrological cycle through the service it provides’ (UNECE, Recommendations on Payments for Ecosystem Services in Integrated Water Resources Management (UNECE 2007), 2)

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Protection and Preservation of Ecosystems


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