Article 35

35.1.2 Consent to be bound

The consent of the states party to the Convention is a vital factor, since states may (in the absence of a rule being also one of customary law) be bound only by their consent. A state can express this consent in several ways which are detailed below. The UN Watercourses Convention was opened for signature by all states and by regional economic integration organisations from 21 May 1997 until 20 May 2000 and is now closed for signature. Hence, only those states which signed the Convention can now ratify it. States which did not sign the Convention can now becoming contracting parties by accession to the Convention. The differences between these methods are described in Sections 35.1.3, 35.1.4, 35.1.5, and 35.1.6; however the resulting legal effect and obligations for those states which become contracting parties by ratification or accession are the same.

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