Article 6

Factors relevant to equitable and reasonable utilisation

Convention Text

  1. Utilisation of an international watercourse in an equitable and reasonable manner within the meaning of Article 5 requires taking into account all relevant factors and circumstances, including:  (a) Geographic, hydrographic, hydrological, climatic, ecological and other factors of a natural character;(b) The social and economic needs of the watercourse states concerned;

    (c) The population dependent on the watercourse in each watercourse state;

    (d) The effects of the use or uses of the watercourses in one watercourse State on other watercourse states;

    (e) Existing and potential uses of the watercourse;

    (f) Conservation, protection, development and economy of use of the water resources of the watercourse and the costs of measures taken to that effect;

    (g) The availability of alternatives, of comparable value, to a particular planned or existing use.

  2. In the application of Article 5 or paragraph 1 of this article, watercourse states concerned shall, when the need arises, enter into consultations in a spirit of cooperation.
  3. The weight to be given to each factor is to be determined by its importance in comparison with that of other relevant factors. In determining what is a reasonable and equitable use, all relevant factors are to be considered together and a conclusion reached on the basis of the whole.
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