Article 3

Watercourse Agreements

Convention Text

  1. In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, nothing in the present Convention shall affect the rights or obligations of a watercourse state arising from agreements in force for it on the date on which it became a party to the present Convention.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, parties to agreements referred to in paragraph 1 may, where necessary, consider harmonising such agreements with the basic principles of the present Convention.
  3. Watercourse states may enter into one or more agreements, hereinafter referred to as watercourse agreements, which apply and adjust the provisions of the present Convention to the characteristics and uses of a particular international watercourse or part thereof.
  4. Where a watercourse agreement is concluded between two or more watercourse states, it shall define the waters to which it applies. Such an agreement may be entered into with respect to an entire international watercourse or any part thereof or a particular project, programme or use except insofar as the agreement adversely affects, to a significant extent, the use by one or more other watercourse states of the waters of the watercourse, without their express consent.
  5. Where a watercourse state considers that adjustment and application of the provisions of the present Convention is required because of the characteristics and uses of a particular international watercourse, watercourse states shall consult with a view to negotiating in good faith for the purpose of concluding a watercourse agreement or agreements.
  6. Where some but not all watercourse states to a particular international watercourse are parties to an agreement, nothing in such agreement shall affect the rights or obligations under the present Convention of watercourse states which are not parties to such an agreement.
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