Article 2

Use of Terms

Convention Text

For the purposes of the present Convention:

  1. ‘Watercourse’ means a system of surface waters and groundwaters constituting by virtue of their physical relationship a unitary whole and normally flowing into a common terminus;
  2. ‘International watercourse’ means a watercourse, parts of which are situated in different States;
  3. ‘Watercourse State’ means a State Party to the present Convention in whose territory part of an international watercourse is situated, or a Party that is a regional economic integration organisation, in the territory of one or more of whose member states part of an international watercourse is situated;
  4. ‘Regional economic integration organisation’ means an organisation constituted by sovereign states of a given region, to which its member states have transferred competence in respect of matters governed by this Convention and which has been duly authorised in accordance with its internal procedures to sign, ratify, accept or accede to it.
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